English Premier League Odds & Betting Guide

For a considerable number of years, EPL has dominated world football. The league starts from mid-August to mid-May the following year. The premier league is quite competitive, and the odds on sportsbooks keep changing as the matchday approaches. Football fanatics can enjoy the live-action and place their bets on 20 teams, including the recently welcomed teams Watford, Brentford, and Norwich from the championship.

Chelsea, both Manchester teams, Manchester City and United, Leicester, and Liverpool all have a shot at becoming the next champions of the league. Arsenal and Tottenham, with remarkable histories, are top teams, not to mention Westham. The latter have proven their worth in the recent campaigns. These contenders keep the league on edge to producing world-class football and 5-star players in the football world today.

Sporty Trader will equip you with top-notch betting tips and a betting guide for the sportsbook that will suit your needs.

English Premier League (EPL) Odds

Teams, particularly the top six, move up and down the English Premier League Ladder. Analysing your wager and evaluating your options through the odds offered by different sportsbooks will assure you a better position in winning your bet. Betting platforms will only use odds to convince you to place a wager, just like any other sport, including the Premier League.

There are considerations you need to look at before calculating your winning odds. Remember that odds will always vary according to the probability that an event will occur. This applies to all the possibilities available to bet on. For example, teams like Chelsea or Manchester City are associated with title wins, UEFA, and Premier League champions. When they face a relatively weak or injury-stricken team, their odds will be lower than if the opposing team wins instead.

To calculate the odds for events, Bookmakers consider league position, key-player injuries, squad rotations, the number of goals scored or conceded since the start of the campaign, etc. These factors will cause a change in the odds attached to matches over time as the league progresses. A goal scored during the game will always cause a drastic change in the odds offered. The team that scored is given lower odds of winning, and the opposing team assigned higher odds if they win.

English Premier League Betting Tips

To secure your wins on your bets will require some research to back your wager. Keep an eye on teams registering wins back to back, the opponents they defeated, and the players responsible for the victories achieved. Multiple wins on teams from the bottom half of the EPL ladder mean that the team doesn’t have much chance against the reigning top 4, say Manchester City or Chelsea.

When teams play at their home ground, players put more effort into winning. Therefore, this is also another consideration. However, last season Manchester City, Arsenal, and Leicester, for example, had registered better away form, getting either more points or wins playing away.


Weigh the odds offered by different betting sites to place your wager for better gains. Take into account the above tips and you’ll be good to go.

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