SportsChump versus The Wife Hates Sports in a Wagering Battle for the Ages!!!

Kevin Paul has thrown down the gauntlet.  That name might ring a bell as he’s the mastermind behind The Wife Hates Sports.  He’d probably tell you that his wife is the mastermind behind the site… and he’d be right. 

Kevin spent most of his summer picking long shot golfers to win tournaments with uncanny accuracy, but golf is golf and football is football.  Picking football games successfully week after week can be a lucrative endeavor.  It can also ensure your wife hates more than just sports when you call her collect from the poor house while they’re repossessing her car.

Kevin and I have gone back and forth over the years picking football games.  Sometimes, he’ll emerge victorious.  We don’t like to talk about those seasons.  Other times, I’ll come out on top.  Those are the fondest of memories.  This year, we have decided to take on an all-new format while hopefully helping you make a little extra spending cash.

This season, Kevin and I will choose five games every week from the college and NFL slate and bet $150 of our monopoly money, divvying up the games from the ones we’re most confident to the ones we’re the most skeptical.

For the five games of our choosing, we will be wagering $50, $40, $30, $20 and $10 accordingly. In addition, we will be writing up a quick 250 words of less breakdown (rambling will not be penalized) explaining why we’re wagering the way we are.  If we pick a game correctly, that amount of wampum is added to our season-long total.  If we lose the game, that number is subtracted.  It’s as simple as that.

We will also be inviting weekly celebrity guest wagerers to take their shots against us so if you’re interested, e-mail me and let me know.  Prizes will be awarded for the person who can beat us both that particular week.  Kevin and I also have a side wager.  I boldly proclaimed the guests I invite will pick better than those he invites.  In other words, don’t let me down, people.

If you don’t feel like picking, you’re still welcome to join along on our season-long quest to prove we know not what the hell we’re talking about.

Our first picks will be up within a matter of days so stay tuned.  As always, happy wagering!

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4 Replies to “SportsChump versus The Wife Hates Sports in a Wagering Battle for the Ages!!!”

  1. I see a season-long “push” – one of you pushing the other’s 1984 Yugo to the plasma center on Monday mornings.

    Just let me know the week you want me to show you boys how this is dine…

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