Brooklyn Nets Hot Favorites For NBA Championship Glory

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The 2021-22 NBA season is upon us, and basketball fans are tingling with anticipation for what should be an epic campaign. It should be an exhilarating season for fans of the Brooklyn Nets because they are hot favorites with all the best online NBA betting sites and favorites by quite some margin, too.

Last season saw the Milwaukee Bucks win their first NBA Championship for 50-years, and now the Nets are looking to write themselves into basketball’s history books. The Nets have never won the NBA Championship — they have two ABA titles — but that looks set to change in the 2021-22 season, with the Nets’ rosters looking incredibly strong throughout.

Nets Were Fantastic During Regular Season

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Last year, the Nets finished second in the Atlantic Division with a 48-24 record, one game behind divisional champions Philadelphia 76ers. Nets went 28-8 on home soil and 20-16 on the road. That impressive record placed the Nets second in the Eastern Conference and had fans dreaming of NBA glory.

A 4-1 demolition of the Boston Celtics in the playoffs first round only added excitement. Kevin Durant was unstoppable against the Celtics, top-scoring in three of the five games, including a massive 42 point total in Game 4.

Nets went 2-0 up against Milwaukee Bucks in the Conference Semifinals, but the wheels fell off in Games 3 and 4. Nets won Game 5 thanks to yet another epic performance from Durant, who enjoyed a 49-point triple-double as the Nets took a 3-2 lead. A demoralizing 89-104 defeat at Milwaukee tied the series before a 111-115 overtime loss ended the Nets’ season prematurely.

Nets Even Stronger This Year

Let us get one thing straight; the Nets are even stronger this year than in 2020-21, thanks to a raft of additions to their already impressive roster. The Nets walk away with the Divisional and Conference titles if they manage to keep fit and healthy throughout the 82-game campaign.

Having Kevin Durant and James Harden on the court is enough to bring glory to any team in the NBA. These Goliaths are the elite of the elite, yet the Nets have adequate replacements from the bench should either pick up an injury at any stage.

Nets have the likes of Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Bruce Brown waiting in the wings. Then there are the new additions of Patty Mills and Paul Millsap, who joined the Nets from San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets, respectively.

The only question mark hanging over the Nets right now is the situation with Kyrie Irving. The cities of Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco have implemented an indoor COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Any players who want to play in these cities must have received at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine. Irving is point-blank refusing to have the jab, meaning he is currently ineligible to compete in any of the Nets’ home fixtures, plus any games on the road at the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, or the New York Knicks. No Irving would be a blow, but the Nets do have immense strength in depth.

Difficult Start to the Campaign

The schedule is not the easiest of starts for the Nets, who travel to reigning champions Milwaukee Bucks on Game 1 before hitting the road again on Game 2, where they meet the Philadelphia 76ers. Those two opening games will show where the Nets are at this season.

With those two challenging games out of the way, the Nets have a run of six fixtures at their Barclays Center home, and all six are winnable. Starting November with a 6-2 record would be impressive, but an 8-0 record is not out of the realms of possibility either.

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