Two Mind-Blowing Facts about the NBA that you didn’t know about!

As of 2017, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been in existence for over 65+ years and continues to thrive today. Many events and people in history can be documented in history books. Fans of a sport are always interested in learning more about their favourite players or teams.

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Furthermore, we’ve handpicked two incredible facts that we bet you didn’t know about, read more into this article to find out what the facts are, 

Air Jordan’s Sneakers was banned by NBA – When the Air Jordans first came out in 1985, they were considered one of the finest basketball shoes ever made. The size of the Air Jordan’s increased on a yearly basis. However, things got off to a rocky start. They selected primarily white sneakers when advised to wear shoes that went with both their own and their teammates’ outfits. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern didn’t like the early Jordan’s’ black and red colour scheme since it resembled the Chicago Bulls’ outfit. There is an incredible history about Nike Air Jordans that may interest you because there is in fact a whole story behind it.

Smallest & Tallest Player in the same Team – 5’3 Bogues is the NBA’s smallest player, Muggsy was not only a great athlete, but he also had a reputation for snatching opponents’ balls. Did you also know that he once walked right through a player’s legs!

Manute Bolis the NBA’s tallest player at 7′ 7″. He was the best shot blocker and rebounder in the NBA’s history and with his height, you can’t be surprised. One of his skills was making three-pointers from beyond the arc. In 1987-1988, Muggsy Bogues and Manute Bol were both members of the same team which was the Washington Bullets.

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