Predict Super Bowl winner, win fabulous prizes

A friend just called me out on one of my social media posts.

Not long ago, amidst what was once, and still is, a mess of the American Football Conference, I simply stated that the AFC was wide open.  The Bills had just lost, as had the Bengals and Ravens.  The Titans lost Derrick Henry and the Chiefs are an absolute mess.  Basically, it was, and still is, anybody’s guess who will win that conference.

My friend corrected me, pointing out that the NFC is equally as wide open.  The Rams keep losing, the Bucs look lackluster and the Packers’ quarterback is temperamental.  The Cardinals just lost to the Panthers and the Cowboys are, well, the Cowboys.

So, I thought to myself, since the NFL is as unpredictable as it’s ever been, why not host a contest?

Which is what I’m doing.

The contest will cost you nothing to enter, only a few minutes of your time.

What you must do, if you’re daring enough, is predict which two teams will represent both the AFC and the NFC in the Super Bowl.  I will also need your Super Bowl winner and, as a tiebreaker, the total points scored in the game.  Leave your answers in the comments section below.

Should you pick correctly, you will receive a fabulous SportsChump prize pack, including a t-shirt and a cup with the logo of your favorite NFL team, brought to you by the good folks over at XVIII Designs.

Deadline to enter is this Sunday prior to the kick-off of Sunday’s games so get them in quick.

And best of luck making sense out of this madness.

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11 Replies to “Predict Super Bowl winner, win fabulous prizes”

  1. Cowboys vs. Bills!! 27 years later the trilogy finally is finally complete!!

    Cowboys 35- 31 Bills

    66 points.

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders 34, Toronto Argonauts 31

    Sorry…you said Super Bowl…at your age, I thought you meant GREY Cup.

    Green Bay 24, Indianapolis 13

  3. Since everybody above is going with the trendy picks, I’ll go left while they go right. How many times can I enter?😆

    AFC – Patriots
    NFC – Buccaneers
    SB Winner – New England
    TB: Total points – 52

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