Jon Gruden/Urban Meyer Caption Contest: Win Fabulous Prizes

Back in October, Jon Gruden sunk his own pirate ship, titanically.  An excavation of his ten-year old e-mails, within which he roasted everyone in the NFL using some pretty colorful language, left Gruden as cancel culture’s latest victim.  Riding off into the sunset in his final press conference as Raiders head coach, he boldly proclaimed he didn’t have a racist bone in his body.  We haven’t heard from him since. 

Under similar scrutiny, Urban Meyer has been, as my good friend J-Dub so eloquently puts it, engaging in scumbaggery for nearly as long.  Earlier this season, on a trip to his home state of Ohio, Meyer was photographed at a bar with his hands on a woman that was not his wife.  This week, with his Jaguars continuing to struggle, reported leaks, allegedly from within his locker room, that Meyer has had run-ins with coaches, players and has all but lost the team.  Their recent 20-0 loss wasn’t awe-inspiring but then again, nor have their last five, which they’ve lost by a combined 83 points.

It’s been a difficult season for these two head football coaches who at one point in their careers never had to pay for a meal in the entire state of Florida.  Since that’s clearly no longer the case, I figured l would host a caption contest in their dishonor.

A while back, my good friend ManRam sent me this picture he found floating around the internet.  I couldn’t help but chuckle (chuckie?) at these two, hootin’ and hollerin’ at some gala back in the day, enjoying the open bar, probably not tipping their bartenders and counting their millions without a care in the world or without fear of repercussion: Meyer with his bottle of Bud and Gruden posing as if to knock him out.

Little did they know they’d eventually both be knocked out, Gruden already long gone and Meyer’s ice getting thinner by the Sunday. 

So, have at it, readers.  The person to come up with the most entertaining caption to this photo below will receive a t-shirt with this photo and their caption printed on the front.

That’s assuming you’d have the nerve to wear it in public.

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8 Replies to “Jon Gruden/Urban Meyer Caption Contest: Win Fabulous Prizes”

  1. Todd…

    I like it. I think we have an early leader in the clubhouse.

    The double entendre of the caption too. Harkening back to the Duran-Leonard fight of the 80s with Gruden and the fist, meanwhile, I think we can all agree we want “No Mas” of either of these two guys.

    Nicely done.

  2. Mr. Sportschump, the statement is accurate because Mark Davis has given him half the money he was owed to resign and then fight the league for him because he felt the league has it out for the Raaaaadas.

  3. JRR….

    That’d be an interesting case study. We can call it the Allan Houston contract situation for unproductivity and all things otherwise.

    Upon being fired, which college of professional sports coach got the most over his career after being shown the door?

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