Sports Cards Collecting at All-Time High

Collecting sports cards has been a hobby for ages. Check with your parents, they must have some sports cards lying in an old shoebox. For ages, sports cards collecting was assumed as fun and thrill. When friends sit together, and someone owns a unique card, they had a different attitude of proudness. But is that passion still around?

Definitely yes! Collecting sports cards was once a hobby is now a die heart passion. You can earn with these sports cards as well. Can you imagine that? A hobby now is an earning opportunity. Trading, selling, and buying sports cards has become the leading source of entertainment.

Recently, Yahoo! News shared some statistics with the audience. As per their survey, the sports card industry has seen some phenomenal sales in the past few months. This unprecedented surge was witnessed in 2020, which is still a piece of hot news. In 2021, the sports card industry broke the record of “Most Expensive Card Ever Sold” not once but twice. The 1952 Topps Micky Mantle card was sold at a whopping cost of $5.2 million.

Not only this, the Michael Jordan Rookie Card was held in an auction. It was sold for $738,000. What’s more interesting is that the same card was sold two weeks earlier at $215,000. This means the card witnessed a spike of 243% in its valuation in just 14 days. Truly, the values of the cards are spiking every single day!

Why the Sudden Surge?

This is one of the most common questions many trend analytics try to figure out. To be honest, many sports card lovers also try to evaluate the reason. As per Trevor Ingram; the owner of Sports Card Check-Swing in the Brossard shared his views in this regard. He shared that the sudden surge was seen in 2020 when the world was stuck in their homes to quarantine.

It was the early stage of the global pandemic and everyone was trying to look for some new hobby. They had to pass the time to get their minds off on-going coronavirus, its crisis, and painful deaths. In such a state, people started finding more interest in collecting the cards while being at home. It proved as a number one entertaining solution while enjoying not-so-thrilling benefits of confinement and social distancing.

In such a time, the card collecting hobby took off as an exclusive diversion leading to relaxation. To date, if you search for a sports card collecting hobby, you will witness a significant resurgence from 2020. Some other analysts came with different other reasons on why now is the all-high in the card market.

  • The real motivation rose from the valuation of the sports card market.
  • People started staying at home and hence looked for ways to spend time creatively.
  • Within a short span of time, the cards industry saw 100% to 300% appreciation to the hobby leading to making money. Many jumped into the hobby to make quick profits by buying and selling.
  • Some influencers openly discussed the ever-growing card market. This way, they introduced the sports cards market to those people who either forgot about it or never heard of it.
  • With the influx of the internet, many potential buyers and sellers came together and got connected.
  • Provided more comfort as an alternative asset for many.
  • Since sports gambling was quite due to the pandemic, this gave them an open window to create hype.

Creating an Evergreen Change

Are you looking for an affordable method to get your hands on sports cards? Of course, it’s not possible for everyone to get cards worth millions of dollars. Therefore, there are many leading collectable sports card companies producing individual packs. These sports packs have many cards from the base set where there is always a chance of getting exclusive ones known as inserts.

Well, the base cards are completely common ones. They are available in every pack. However, the inserts on the other hand are unique and rare cards that are randomly inserted into the packs. This makes them hard to acquire.

Sports card enthusiasts keep purchasing the packs in pursuit of these rare inserts. While the collectable cards company gets the profit of selling such huge numbers. This finally results in a surge and advancement in the sports card market.

These sports cards have always been part of the industry. But the sudden surge is changing the game for all. It’s now becoming an evergreen industry, capturing the interest of millions of billions of people worldwide. These sports cards pack come as a hobby box that doesn’t offer cards alone. There can be original signature cards or autographed jerseys, signed exclusively by the real sports player. There will also be memorabilia cards and Rookie inserts that develop interest among the masses.

These hobby boxes offer an exceptional number of packs, increasing the chances of pulling out a rare card. This finally sets the cards at a valuable price, allowing acquirers to sell them at a handsome amount of money. For instance, you are lucky enough to get a hold of a rare card. You can list that on the internet and wait for offers. Once you receive an offer as per your liking, sell them at a premium rate.

How Not to Break a Bank for The Sports Cards?

Agreeably the sports card industry is booming and the cost is also increasing every day. In such a stance how to get a hold on these sports cards and not break a bank?

The solution is simple, the internet! There are many card investors who are selling their mint condition sports cards at affordable and reasonable rates. It’s a phenomenal chance for those looking for open boxes for themselves. Or are purchasing the cards upon the request of their kid.

Such open box cards can be easily located. And you can also get your hands on the all-time high market without drilling a hole in the pocket. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Author BIO:Scott Trick has collected sports cards since the early 80’s and because of his love for collecting he started the website  His favorite players are Robin Yount and Hank Aaron, but he cherishes all sports and all cards like they are art.

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