Choosing An Inflatable SUP Board That’s Right for You

Whether you’re looking for a new way to spend your days on the water, or are simply considering purchasing a paddle board, you’ll want to be aware of the different types of paddle SUPs available. These boards range from inflatable to wood, and include both all-around and multi-person models.


Whether you’re looking to spend some time on the water with the family or enjoy an adventurous weekend away, multi-person water sports like inflatable stand up paddling is a great way to spend a few hours outdoors. They’re sturdy and durable, making them ideal for families and friends to enjoy.


Whether you are looking for a traditional all around paddle board or a touring SUP, Cruisers have boards that are sure to satisfy. These SUPs feature premium quality construction and are covered with a two year warranty.

Cruiser boards are made with a number of materials, including wood veneers, carbon fiber, and CNC-shaped cores. These SUPs, as well as inflatable ones you can find here:, are designed to be super-strong and lightweight. If you are just starting out in the sport, it is important to choose a paddle board that will provide you with a safe and comfortable experience.


Designed for ease of use and versatility, all around boards are perfect for general recreational paddling on calmer waters. Whether you are just beginning your paddling SUP journey or you are an experienced paddler, all around boards can take you from learning to paddle to exploring the ocean, lake and rivers.

Inflatable all-around are great for paddling near rocks and white water. They are also great for paddling in open water. They also have a removable center fin, which is a must for paddlers who want to paddle faster.


Unlike inflatable and plastic boards, wooden SUPs are stable and functional in the water. They can last five times longer than plastic SUPs. They also offer a sustainable surfing experience. Wooden ones are a relatively new innovation in the SUPing industry.

They are created with a hollow wooden frame and glued wood strips for strength. They are then waterproofed with fiberglass cloth or epoxy resin. These kinds of SUPs can be made from fiberglass, foam, or composite materials. You can find them at sporting goods stores or online retailers that specialize in that sort of thing.

They are popular with beginners because they are inexpensive. They are also a great choice for people who want to enjoy a casual afternoon on the water. Composite boards are a little more expensive, but they offer top-notch performance. They are also a bit heavier, but they offer a lighter, more maneuverable ride. They are more difficult to repair, but they are generally able to last for years.


Whether you’re looking for a SUP for surfing, paddling on a lake, or exploring whitewater, inflatables are a great choice. They’re lightweight, durable, and easy to transport. They can be packed up in a suitcase-sized bag, and most can fit in the trunk of a car. Many also come with a pump, making it easy to inflate and deflate them when you get to your destination.

The best inflatables are durable, stable, and easy to maneuver in all types of water. They can also hold a lot of weight, making them a good choice for beginners. Some models even include a paddle. Inflatables are easier to store than hardboards.

They can be packed up in a suitcase-sized carry bag and can fit almost anywhere in your home and they can even be stored in closets or under beds. The best inflatables also have advanced design features. They may have canting noses and tapering tails to make pedaling easier.

Some include a leash, making them easier to transport. They can also be checked on an airplane for travel. A lot of people have never been on an SUP before, so inflatables make a great introduction to the sport, as does this link, as they are affordable and relatively safe compared to more professional products.

Inflatables also offer distinct advantages over hardboards. They’re easier to inflate, deflate, and carry. They can also be checked as luggage on most airlines, and can be stored in a closet or in the trunk of a car.

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