SportsChump’s Free to Enter Super Bowl Contest

And then there were four.

Suffice to say that the best four teams in the NFL are still playing football.  Sorry, Buffalo fans, but we’ve already detailed your demise at great length.

The four remaining teams, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Kansas City are all pretty darn good.  So good that Las Vegas has essentially called these games pick ‘ems, with point spreads in both conference games minimal.

That’s where you come in, my fellow contestants. 

This should be easy enough, right?  All you need to do to is… pick… three… winners.  Do so correctly and in addition to being the smartest person on your block, you will win a luxurious SportsChump t-shirt to call your own.

In the comments section below, I want you to tell me WHO will beat WHOM in the Super Bowl and BY HOW MANY POINTS.

As your tiebreakers, I will need the total combined points scored in the Super Bowl AND your Super Bowl MVP.  For good measure, if you’d like to elaborate on what you think will happen, and some semblance of that comes into fruition, that will likely sway my determination of a winner in case of a tie.  If there is a tie that is too close to call, I will simply award t-shirts to both contestants.

That is your task should you choose to accept it.  Happy Championship Weekend, everyone, and enjoy the Super Bowl!

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5 Replies to “SportsChump’s Free to Enter Super Bowl Contest”

  1. Eagles 31-24 Bengals. Hurts MVP. Eagles jump to an early lead in the 1st half. The Bengals comeback falls short in the end.

  2. Bengals 23, 49ers 17 – Joe Burrow MVP – smokes a cigar in the post-game celebration and George Kittle sticks his tongue out at least once during the game.

  3. 49ers win by 7 Cincinnati suffers back to back Super Bowl losses

    Modern day Bills

    Debo MVP

  4. After much deliberation and waffling back and forth, I have decided to take the favorites in these two matchups.

    Whilst tough to pick, and initially liking the Bengals and Niners to advance, it’s hard not to go with the home teams and such small point spreads.

    Purdy is due for a slip-up, despite SF’s game painstaking game management (they do that no matter WHO is their quarterback). The welcoming Philly crowd might be raucous enough to force him into back decisions. SF is also susceptible to the long ball.

    I love the Bengals, but they’ve been talking too much smack. From renaming Arrowhead “Burrowhead” to the Cincy mayor asking for paternity tests if Burrow is Mahomes’ daddy, that’s just too much bulletin material.

    Chiefs still have the best player in the game and I think his high ankle sprain will be just fine.

    I’ll take Chiefs over the Eagles in the Super Bowl and Mr. Mahomes wins Super Bowl MVP and reminds us all he’s the best player in the game. Chiefs 30 – Eagles 20.

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