Philadelphia Eagles: Review Of Their Season Leading To Super Bowl 57

If you know anything about the Eagles, you know that their season was quite something this year, and any avid fan could see their Super Bowl appearance from a mile away. Their Super Bowl chances were high for most of the year, except from when Jalen Hurts suffered his injury. 

Nonetheless, the Birds are going to Arizona in a blaze of glory and no one could be happier than we are!

On the night of the conference games, Philadelphia saw the usual chaos that you would expect, however, with a Super Bowl game soon to come for the team, fans took to the streets and climbed the greased street lamps of the city. 

Chaos unraveled, as is expected with Philadelphia, but how did the Eagles get to be here? What led them to Super Bowl 57? 

Philly Eagles: Hot To Trot

Aside from the few weeks when Jalen Hurts was off with his injury the Eagles were on fire. To an outsider, the losses in the weeks of his absence could have spelled doom for the Birds, but to any known individual, the Eagles were always golden as long as Hurts was alive and throwing.

While their stats were not quite as high as the Bills or Chiefs, they were ruthless in play, and took down opponents in a savage manner, as many of us saw in that conference game against the 49ers.

How brutal!

… But, that was the energy they played with all year.

However, at the beginning of the season, even the most seasoned NFL bettor could not have bet the Eagles having a 8-0 start, or a 13-1 record into the 16th week. Their first 15 weeks were incredible, if it wasn’t for their gut wrenching loss to the Commanders they would’ve been undefeated for 15 weeks straight! 

The Eagles Regular Season 

The regular season went well, until Hurts’ injury of course, which saw their losses against the Cowboys and the Saints when Gardner Minshew took Hurts’ Place. 

While we can’t slander Minshew, he is no Hurts, and in the two games he played while Hurts was recovering from his shoulder injury (which he gained in his game against the Bears), the games played by Minshew saw the Eagles accumulate otherwise avoidable losses.

We aren’t saying he is a bad quarterback, just that he is no Hurts. 

They were always Super Bowl contenders, from the first few weeks of the season, however, that loss against the Saints was a bitter one. The Cowboys’ game was more understandable, but the Saints’ loss was a bitter one, and it dropped the franchise in the Super Bowl 57 picks.

A Direct Postseason Path

Thankfully, when the post season started, Hurts was back in the game. They also had it pretty easy in the postseason too. Facing off the Giants, who were not quite the highest seed in the game, and the 49ers who had accumulated plenty of injuries. 

The 49ers actually had terrible luck in the conference game, with both quarterbacks hurt, resulting in them playing with an injured quarterback and having to put all their focus into defense.

The Eagles schedule should not have been as easy as it was, but the Super Bowl will be the real challenge for them. Postseason saw them playing against teams with weaker or injured quarterbacks, but now they will face Mahomes. 

Playoff Path

Sure, their betting record was not exactly spectacular this season, but they were profitable in the regular season before Hurts’ ended up off the field for a couple of weeks. But, once the playoffs hit, the Birds just decimated their opponents, blowing the doors off them and then some. 

The 49ers were annihilated by the Eagles by an agonizing 24 points, and the Giants fared even worse, as the Eagles walked away with a 31 point win! (OUCH!) 

Both the Giants and the 49ers were way in over their heads however, and so, it does pose questions as to how the Eagles will do in the Super Bowl against Mahomes Chiefs’. 

However, the 49ers and Giants are still NFL teams, and so, a win is a win regardless. 

So, what we can say is that for the regular season with Hurts they were pretty much unstoppable, and they had the playoffs pretty easy too, so, what will happen in the Super Bowl is yet to be seen! 

The Birds Off To Arizona!

Regardless, the Eagles are off to the Super Bowl, and in just under a week they will be in Arizona, facing off against the Chiefs. How this game will fair is anyone’s guess, but the bookies have the Eagles down as a strong favorite to win. 

In our opinion as long as Hurts maintains his game, and stays strong, the Eagles have a solid chance of winning. Mahomes and his Chiefs’ do still have a chance to steal back the league from the Eagles as their season was pretty epic too. 

However, with such a pair of strong teams facing off in the Super Bowl, it really is anyone’s game for now!

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