Kobe Bryant overrated?

I have this friend Jay.  Jay and I talk a lot about basketball.  Most of the time, he proves to be a sensible fellow and appears to know what he’s talking about.  In fact, there have been very few times that he and I have ever disagreed.  Until now.

Jay stands for jump shot and as you’re about to read, Jay also stands for Just about out of his fucking mind for the take he’s about to share with us below.

Recently, we got on the topic of Kobe Bryant, of whom you’ll soon find out, Jay is not the biggest fan.

I presented him with the logical argument that it’s hard to make a list of Top 15 All-Time NBA Players that doesn’t include Kobe Bryant.  He disagreed wholeheartedly, going so far as to say things like he’s “easily the most overrated talent of all time” and “Kobe wouldn’t be a top ten guy if he was in his prime playing today.”

Like I said, out of his mind.

I followed up by asking him who he felt was the second-best shooting guard of all-time, to which he didn’t provide an answer.  But he did suggest he could come up with fifty players who he feels are better than Kobe Bryant.  I invited him to prove his point, right here on your favorite website, which he did below.  He agreed to humbly submit his take to the roast master generals who read this site.  He even sent it in pdf format to ensure I didn’t mince his words, as if he needed any further assistance offending the masses.

So, have at it, children.  Jay fully expects your wrath so show him what you got and exactly how wrong, or right, you think he is.  Feel free to tell us where you stand on Kobe Bryant… or whether you agree with Jay that he’s simply overrated.

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10 Replies to “Kobe Bryant overrated?”

  1. It appears what Jay has done with his Kobe argument is prioritize shooting efficiency, a point which he routinely brought up in our seemingly endless conversations about Kobe Bryant’s career.

    First and foremost, Jay feels that Kobe’s career FG of 44.7% (which he’d round down to 44% instead of rounding up to 45% to prove his point) is not worthy of the status we’ve bestowed upon him.

    To kick things off in this comments section, I thought I’d submit a list of all NBA Hall of Famers with a 44.7% or below shooting from the floor.

    2022 Inductee Manu Ginobili (career FG 44.7%)
    2022 Inductee Tim Hardaway (career FG 43.1%)
    2021 Inductee Toni Kucoc (career FG 44.7%)
    2021 Inductee Paul Piece (career FG 44.5%)
    2018 Inductee Jason Kidd (career FG 40%)
    2017 Inductee Tracy McGrady (career FG 43.5%)
    2016 Inductee Allen Iverson (career FG 42.5%)
    2015 Inductee Louis Dampier (career FG 44.4%)
    2015 Inductee Jo Jo White (career FG 44.4%)
    2010 Inductee Dennis Johnson (career FG 44.5%)
    1990 Inductee Dave Bing (career FG 44.1%)
    1989 Inductee Lenny Wilkins (career FG 43.2%)
    1988 Inductee Clyde Lovellette (career FG 44.3%)
    1987 Inductee Pete Maravich (career FG 44.1%)
    1986 Inductee Tommy Heinsohn (career FG 40.5%)
    1985 Inductee Nate Thurmond (career FG 42.1%)
    1984 Inductee John Havlicek (career FG 43.9%)
    1983 Inductee Dave Debusschere (career FG 43.2%)
    1978 Inductee Paul Arizin (career FG 42.1%)
    1977 Inductee Elgin Baylor (career FG 43.1%)
    1976 Inductee Bill Sharman (career FG 42.6%)
    1975 Inductee Bill Russell (career FG 44%)

  2. This is almost as dumb as my friend saying that Kobe was not an athlete. That list is truly comical and shows how much distain he has for Kobe. Also to have so many current players on that list shows how short sided his thought process is. Outside of Lebron and now maybe to a much lesser extent Steph, no current player should be even mentioned in the same breathe as Kobe. Let me say this. I never liked Kobe. But I respect what he did and the imprint he had on the game. As a grizzlies fan I got to watch Kobe come to Memphis and just destroy us. I have literally watched us play at the top of our game against him and when he made the decision that he wasn’t losing that night he usually didn’t. There are 10 players ever that could do that.

  3. So far some really objective arguments in the comments!! Kobe was special I saw it with my eyes lmao….Chris, your list ain’t on my list, and yes, this is about efficiency, not who scored the most points on the most attempts….next week I rank kobe’s 50 best blow jobs. So far:
    1. Jeff
    2. Bryan
    3. HeavyD lol

  4. 50 best blow jobs is a reach my friend. Low blows from your take is expected because u have failed to make one valid point to the contrary about one of the greatest players to play the game. But by all means keep climbing that petty tree. Lol.

  5. I rank Jay and Dewey as my top 2 blowjobs of all time, but I digress. Why is nobody talking about turnovers? I don’t care enough to analyze the complete lists you gaybois put up so this is for the plebs who love to argue that Kobe is better than Jordan. Per BR, Kobe ranks 6th all time with 4010 TOV, MJ 34th with 2924. Of course, total TOV doesn’t tell the whole story given career games played, etc., so let’s look at percentages. This was impossible to find in the 15 seconds I spent scanning Google, so I calculated it using a simplified formula: total TOV divided by what I classified as possessions with intent (FGA + AST + TOV). Survey says:

    MJ: 8%
    Kobe: 11%

    All things being relatively equal, give me the guy who takes care of the ball every day and twice on Sunday (yes, I’m also a proud Alex Smith pumper…ok fluffer).

    That said, Kobe is easily in my top 50 because he can do it all and I’m confident with the ball in his hands in the final seconds from anywhere on the court and against any defense. Eat shit Jay.

  6. What’s that mid90s Bruce Willis movie where the killer disguises himself/herself as one of his patients? I’m convinced that’s what Jay has done here, arguing a ludicrous point, then taking on the persona of Johnny Bukkake to counter his own argument, just for the glory (hole) of fame on this website.

    Little does he know that the only people reading this site are people that would come up with the name Johnny Bukkake.

    More on this later.

  7. I can’t put him in my top 10. Jordan, Bird, Lebron, Wilt, Kareem, Wilkins, Wade, Magic, The Admiral, Duncan, Curry (no particular although I’d rank Jordan #1). He’d be in my Top 15.

  8. Kudos Jay. Kobe has got to be the most overrated superstar in history. No real playoff moments and his maniacal fanbase simply ignored him choking in multiple finals getting bailed out by his teammates. Like seriously is there another star who’s own team froze them out in a finals game when they were against the ropes putting their season in the hands of a Derek Fisher? It’s really wild how people just ignore the man’s many flaws ‘n quitting on his teams cuz times got tough and credit him with some drive to win as if that was ever a priority over his own selfishness.

    Like for real. Kobe ran Shaq out of town destroying a championship team, quit on them finishing 2-18 to miss the playoffs, then scored as many points as he could and his fanbase responded by crying that he didn’t get the MVP for leading LA to the promised land of the 8 seed, quitting on his teammates in the first round, and blowing a 3-1 lead. Most overrated player of all time. Thy name is Kobe Bryant.

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