2023 NBA Playoff Pick ‘Em Contest

A friend recently complained to me that this is the most boring time of the sports year, which runs counterintuitive to what I wrote just last week.  The Masters, Final Four, start of the Major League Baseball season, both NHL and NBA playoffs about to kick off and the NFL draft is a few weeks away.  I’m not sure what else a sports fan could ask for, other than perhaps a cold beer and a Barcalounger.

I suppose my friend is bitter because he’s a college basketball fan and not all that into the NBA.  His loss.  If you’re not looking forward to the upcoming Western Conference Finals, I don’t know what else to tell you. 

Don’t believe me?  You have 10 of the last 11 Finals MVPs competing against each other in the West before they even get to the Finals.  In other words, things are about to get zesty.  In the Eastern Conference, we have several capable contenders, including the odds-on favorite Milwaukee Bucks looking to reclaim what was theirs only two years ago.

This year’s NBA Finals are as unpredictable as they’ve ever been.  Can the Sixers and Celtics finally get over the hump?  Can an aging yet timeless LeBron and Steph Curry add one more title to their legacy?  Can the recent additions of Kevin Durant in Phoenix or Russell Westbrook with that other Los Angeles team get them to the promised land?  How real are Memphis or Denver?  Am I forgetting anyone?

This is where you come in.  Think these Finals are predetermined?  Here’s your shot.

All you need to do is tell me who you think will represent both the Eastern and Western Conferences in the NBA Finals, who will WIN the Finals, and as your tiebreaker, who you think will win Finals MVP.

To help you out, I’ve even listed the latest Vegas odds to throw you off your game.

Milwaukee Bucks: +270

Boston Celtics: +330

Phoenix Suns: +450

Denver Nuggets: +720

Philadelphia 76ers: +950

Golden State Warriors: +1000

Memphis Grizzlies: +1400

Los Angeles Lakers: +1700

Los Angeles Clippers: +2000

Cleveland Cavaliers: +3500

Sacramento Kings: +5000

Miami Heat: +8000

New York Knicks: +8000

Minnesota Timberwolves: +15000

Brooklyn Nets: +20000

The winner of this contest will receive a beautiful new SportsChump t-shirt to call their own and honorable entry into the SportsChump Crystal Ball Hall of Fame.

Good luck, everyone, and enjoy the playoffs!

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6 Replies to “2023 NBA Playoff Pick ‘Em Contest”

  1. When I heard the Knicks are in the playoffs my first thought was of a childhood hero of mine. The great Willis Reed. I became a Knicks fan in part because of his determination to play through the pain of injuries and ability the overcome very challenging rivals. Rest in peace big man and GO KNICKS !
    Knicks win!

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