• Whether it’s the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, politics or entertainment, Daily Sports Pages has your forum discussion covered.  Come strong or don’t come at all.  Free to join.
  • There’s only one place in cyberspace to talk pro and college football and that’s at  Their over 3,000 members strong remind us that football is a 365 day a year celebration.
  • The Wife Hates Sports , Kevin Paul’s creation, is a sports website with a unique flavor, tying in not only sports, but also the relationship side of sharing, or not sharing, the remote.  TWHS is one sports site your significant other is sure to approve of.
  • Dubsism bills itself as what your view of sports would be if you had too many concussions, which makes perfect sense since it’s usually Dubsism that dishes out the high heat.
  • DieHardSport is one of the best-looking independent sports sites out there.  Read and enjoy.
  • Pro Football Guru is a venue to discuss all that is great about the NFL, 365 days a year. Knowledge, views, insights and dialogue.
  • Know Hitter is always happy to throw his two cents in about the world of sports.  He even recently put a bounty on David Stern after the Sonics left Seattle.
  • For the hoops fan who just can’t get enough, there’s always The No-Look Pass for all encompassing basketball coverage.
  • If you plan on swinging by There’s a Stat for That, be sure to bring your calculator, pocket protector and Excel manual.  It’s one of the best new sites out there that breaks down sports from a numerical perspective.
  • Sticking with the Canada theme, also be sure to check out Painting the Black. It’s and edgy look into the most interesting stories from the World of Sports.
  • For all things Cowboy, (Silver and) Blue Blood is a must read.  Cap’n Blueblood is closer to the Dallas organization than Jessica Simpson.
  • Analysis.  History.  Perspective.  Sports Then and Now is a site dedicated to keeping sports fans updated on the current sports world while taking walks down memory lane by remembering great players, teams, events, moments and games from the history of sports. This site is for you, the fan, so please share your thoughts, memories and opinions.
  • They’re rioting in Detroit again.  This time it’s over Detroit4Lyfe.  Comprised of five writers who know MoTown, these sports xenophobes keep you abreast of all the happenings in the Detroit sports world and beyond.
  • is a site by people deep into sports, for people deep into sports, who want their coverage to go even deeper into sports.  They strive to provide fans with unique viewpoints and creative perspectives beyond that which they receive from the larger, “corporate” sports news sites.
  • What do you get when you cross an architect and an engineer who both share an unhealthy obsession with Dennis Eckersley’s mustache?  Educated Cheese, of course.  Writing on anything from sports to pop culture, these guys keep you entertained without even trying.  Mullets welcome.
  • Full Court Pest calls them like he sees them.  Another self-professed basketball jones, it’s a highly entertaining read.  FCP is without a doubt 94 feet of tenacious blog sense.
  • Sports Betting News was formed to give sports bettors a leading advantage by providing accurate, immediate and impartial sports betting information.  Give ’em a look.

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