LIV and Let Die the PGA Tour

In the 1970s, a rivalry league existed. I take that back.  This league not only existed; it thrived. I am, of course, talking about the ABA.  The American Basketball Association is no longer in existence but when it was, it Continue reading LIV and Let Die the PGA Tour

How Brendon Todd almost won me $1,000… but didn’t.

I have this friend, perhaps you’ve heard of him.  His name is Kevin.  Kevin runs this website, perhaps you’ve heard of it.  It’s called the Wife Hates Sports.  It’s a site you want to tune into in case you’re considering Continue reading How Brendon Todd almost won me $1,000… but didn’t.

NBA sells out uniformly

Is nothing sacred? As sports fans, we like to sit in the stands or in front of our television sets and believe everything we’re watching is real, that the players we adore are giving it their all and the franchises Continue reading NBA sells out uniformly

The end of an era in a major way

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been among the most dominant athletes we’ve ever seen. From 2004-2008, Roger Federer was the best tennis player in the world.  He held his sport’s Continue reading The end of an era in a major way

Beau knows golf

I was 17 years old once.  That was a long time ago. At 17, I was finishing up high school, had fallen in love for the first time and was consistently, yet fruitlessly, trying to get my dad to loan Continue reading Beau knows golf

Who needs heavyweight boxing when we have Federer, Nadal and Djokovic?

Soon after his retirement, basketball junkies everywhere craved the second coming of Michael, so much so that we dubbed every player after him who could jump out of the gym “The Next Jordan.”