Contracts, homework assignments, weight clauses and drinking on the job: The intertwining cases of Kyler Murray, Zion Williamson and me

When my girlfriend and I argue (and for the sake of this article, let’s assume this happens infrequently), she and I have successfully adopted the practice of putting ourselves in each other’s shoes, to better comprehend where the other is Continue reading

And the greatest American rock-and-roll band of all time is….

March may be over but the madness, my friends, is just beginning. For the longest time, I’ve debated over which is the greatest American rock-and-roll act of all time. After all, despite Grammy awards won, albums sold and number one Continue reading

SportsChump Summer Concert Series, Part VI: Hard Rock Funk with a side of hip-hop. Rage Against the Machine Reborn as the Prophets of Rage

There’s a lot out there to protest these days. We have highly, publicized incidents of police brutality, growing social unrest, continued and often rampant discrimination and the overall sense of unease with an upcoming presidential election the kind America hasn’t Continue reading